Paris Hauts-de-France


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Despite the fact that I would like to explore this country more thoroughly, I have only made it to Paris twice – it seems as if I am spending too many holidays outside Europe (at least during the last few years).

The first of these two visits (in 1996, together with one of my friends and his family) was more or less devoted to visiting Euro Disneyland. We did not spend more than a day sightseeing in the city itself.

In May 2005, I finally spent four days with nothing but sightseeing while visiting a friend of mine, who studied at the Ecole Centrale Paris at that time.

Some of the pictures taken during this late trip are on display in a small photo album.

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In May 2023, I spent a few days in Lille: In between a conference in London and my vacation in the United Kingdom, I needed a place to work in the European Union. Some pictures from this stay are on display in a small photo album.

In fall 2023, I finally got to know the "other France" in the course of my second RTW trip: French Polynesia.