A Log(ar)ical vacation end

On my last “true” vacation day, I just had to go out into nature again. I chose the Logar Valley, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in the country. Given my small sample size, I cannot confirm that with certainty – but I can say that it is very picturesque indeed. Continue reading A Log(ar)ical vacation end

The caves of Škocjan county

Actually, I wanted go travel back North (and thus into the mountains) again today. According to the weather forecast, however, this could have been a rather wet day. So, I drove South instead. On the one hand the weather should be better there, and on the other hand one can go hiking below the surface, in karst caves. Continue reading The caves of Škocjan county

The Isonzo Canyons

Yesterday, I already liked the Soča (aka Isonzo) river a lot. So, I decided to take the longer trip to the Soča Valley today in order to hike part of the Soča Trail. However, I decided against the almost eight-hour variant over the full 27.6 kilometers (from the source to Bovec). Instead, I opted for the scenically most interesting part (according to my guidebook, at least) which starts in Soča village. Continue reading The Isonzo Canyons

Look at this lake!

Today, the weather was supposed to be a bit more unstable again. However, the latest days with “changeable” weather actually turned out quite nice. So, I decided to go on a little hike nonetheless – just down in the valley: I hiked to and around Toblacher See, after spotting it yesterday from the bus window. Continue reading Look at this lake!

Hiking in South Tyrol 201

Today, the weather forecast was again more suitable for hiking: still some clouds and a bit cooler, but at least no rain. So, I dedicated my time to the Dolomite mountains again. Again, I chose the modus operandi that I already applied two days ago: going up by cable car, and then a leisurely hike at 2000+ meters above sea level. Continue reading Hiking in South Tyrol 201