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Clouds at Lake Constance

Today, the weather unfortunately did not follow the weather forecast. It was actually supposed to be quite sunny. This is why I decided for a hike to the top of Pfänder mountain (with views of Bregenz and Lake Constance). Unforunately, though, it was quite cloudy, and I did not get the views I had hoped for. Continue reading Clouds at Lake Constance

A Day in a Princedom

I started my trip through Austria with a day in – Liechtenstein! This might seem illogical, but why not visit this small country when I am close by: I arrived this morning by train in Feldkirch, just across the border from Liechtenstein. So, I spent a day exploring some of its town – and in the end, also Feldkirch in Austria. Continue reading A Day in a Princedom