Semana Santa in Antigua

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Antigua ius more of a Semana Loca (crazy week): Hundreds of thousands of (mainly Guatemaltecan) visitors come to this small town of 35,000 inhabitants. The reason for this are the numerous Easter processions which are said to be the most beautiful and impressive ones in all of Central America. Continue reading Semana Santa in Antigua

Hiking from Xela to Lake Atitlán

In the past three days, I did a Quetzaltrekkers hiking tour from Xela (or, more precisely, from the town Xecam near Xela) to Lake Atitlán. This 42 kilometre hike was more exhausting than expected. However, the nice views (especially on the last day over the lake) were well worth the effort. Continue reading Hiking from Xela to Lake Atitlán

The three histories of San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal de las Casas, the first stop on my visit to Mexico, is known for three aspects of its past:

  1. It is a colonial town.
  2. In its surroundings, there still live a lot of indigenous people.
  3. It was a centre for the Zapatistas in the 1990s.

Continue reading The three histories of San Cristóbal