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My name is Bernhard (or Bernie for short), and I am 39 years old. I grew up in (and still live in) Vienna, Austria. My greatest passion is travelling. This blog is therefore mainly dedicated to my travelling adventures.

I just love to explore foreign (and, if possible, far away) countries. I have already spent my vacations on six different continents, and have also travelled all around the globe in an eight-months-long RTW trip from September 2008 to May 2009. But also during my regular vacations, I strive to get to know new places all over the world.

At the same time, I really enjoy my everyday life in my home town Vienna. Most of my friends live there, and I like to meet them e.g. for board game nights, going to the theater, or simply for a chat. In summer, I take advantage of Donauinsel for biking and (mainly) inline skating. Finally, every once in a while, I also go hiking at the foothills of the Austrian alps close to Vienna – beautiful scenery cannot only be found abroad, after all!

When I am not roaming the world, I am spending my days as a software developer: After my studies of Technical Mathematics at UT Vienna, I have worked at PROFACTOR, a research company in Steyr (Austria), for three years, focusing on computer simulation and production planning. Since summer 2009, I am employed as a software developer at Dedalus HealthCare (formerly Agfa HealthCare), where I am working on the PACS client IMPAX EE.

A beautiful DecSeptember day in Gschlöß valley

Today was a really cold day: Just above freezing in the morning in the "valley" (if you still want to consider Matrei in Osttirol at just under 1000 metres above sea level to be in the valley), and a bit below freezing at the start of my hiking point (some further 500 metres higher up). Fortunately, it was sunny for the first two to three hours, which made my hike into Gschlöß valley a delight. Continue reading A beautiful DecSeptember day in Gschlöß valley