5 things I hate about thee(*)

(*) Thailand, etcetera

As enjoyable as traveling in Southeast Asia is, there are some aspects I could also do without. Of course, “hate” may be worded a little drastically here. Also, much of this is not only limited to Southeast Asia, but also affects other tropical and/or less developed regions.

Be that as it may, here is an alphabetical list of things that can sometimes make traveling a bit tedious. Continue reading 5 things I hate about thee(*)

I am back home!

After 18 flights, (roughly) 60 trips with boats and other watercraft, 37 days in a rental car, and more than 250 trips in other means of ground transport (e.g. train, bus, taxi, subway, or bicycle), and travelling almost 44,000 km by air, about 800 km by water, and surely over 10,000 km by land, I have finally returned to Austria. Now, it is time to look back at the high- and lowlights of my trip. Continue reading I am back home!