• 2024

    • Early summer 2024: Swiss Alps

      After quite a long time, it am finally visiting Switzerland again. This time, I also want to explore the Swiss Alps in depth (or should I say: heights?).

  • 2023/24

    • October 1, 2023 to February 20, 2024: Around the world (again)!

      Unbelievable, but true: From October 2023 to February 2024, I went on a round-the-world trip for the second (!) time. This time, I was on the road a bit shorter. Still, there was enough time to enjoy both revisits (like New Zealand) as well as exploring new destinations (like French Polynesia or parts of Southeast Asia) along my route.

  • 2023

    • May 9 to June 10: Exploring the United Kingdom


      The idea of a visit to a musical in London finally grew into a three-weeks-long vacation in the United Kingdom (with the focus on Scotland). Due to a conference visit in London less than a week before the start of my vacation, my stay even lasted for a whole month (interrupted by a short workation in France).

  • 2022

    • October 13 to November 24: Workation on the Canary Islands


      In fall 2022, I tried out something new: I combined (a bit over) three weeks of vacations with (a bit under) three weeks of teleworking. In total, I spent six weeks on the Canary Islands – more precisely, on Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

    • June 2 to June 25: Hiking at our Southern neighbors


      Finally a trip abroad again – though still quite close to home: I spent three weeks exploring South Tyrol and Slovenia.

  • 2021

    • September 10 to October 9: Crossing Austria


      Also in the second year of the pandemic, I spent my vacation in Austria. After touring the central region last year, I focused on the West (i.e. Vorarlberg and Tyrol) this time. However, I ended up (almost) crossing the whole country from West to East – including a day trip to Liechtenstein.

    • June 20 to June 27: Seeking the sun in the South (of Austria)


      The Corona situtation was still a bit problematic. Therefore, I was still only travelling in Austria. This time, I spent a week in Carinthia. There, the lakes were already warm enough for swimming and stand-up paddling.

  • 2020

    • September 12 to October 2: Tour of Austria


      Since the Corona situation has not really improved since early summer, I also spent my "large" vacation this year in Austria. It was a very varied trip, with swimming in the lakes of Salzkammergut and hiking in the snow in East Tyrol.

    • June 20 to June 27: Vacation in my home country


      I already had to cancel one longer trip and three extended weekends abroad this year. Finally, I was able to spend at least one week exploring the Salzkammergut – for hiking, relaxing, and even a quick dip in one of the many (but rather cold) lakes.

  • (Hide details)2019

    • November 9 to December 1: Garden Route & Wild Coast


      As I only had time for some of the highlights during my first visit to South Africa last year, I explored some other parts of the country this year: Garden Route and Wild Coast.

    • September 17 to September 22: Hiking in Wagrain


      After spending two days on a mid-week workshop in Wagrain, I extended my stay over the way for some days of hiking in the surrounding mountains

    • May 30 to June 2: Venice of the North


      After visiting Belgium two years earlier and Luxembourg in the year before, I concluded my Benelux trips with an extended weekend in Amsterdam (and hence the Netherlands).

    • May 1 to May 5: From Vesuvius to the Amalfi Coast


      After spending my latest (longer) vacations overseas, I wanted to spend at least an extended weekend in a neighbouring country, more precisely: in and around Naples.

    • March 1 to March 23: Good Morning, Vietnam


      For the first time, I visited Southeast Asia: I spent three weeks in Vietnam, travelling through the whole country from South to North.

  • (Hide details)2018

    • October 12 to November 4: South Africa and Lesotho


      For a very long time, Africa was still a (mostly) blank spot on my travel map. In fall 2018, I managed to change that with a trip to South Africa (and Lesotho).

    • September 20 to September 24: Extended weekend in Luxembourg


      Thanks to my numerous trips overseas in the previous few years, I had finally enough bonus miles for a free flight. I took this opportunity to go on a short trip to Luxembourg.

    • April 28 to May 19: Ecuador & Galapagos


      In spring 2018, I treated myself to a very special trip: a visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands.

    • February 2 to February 5: A weekend in London


      Almost exactly ten years after my previous visit, I spent another weekend in London. Unfortunately, the weather was mainly wet and cold. Still, that did not prevent me from enjoying the main reason of my stay: I had tickets for "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" at the Palace Theatre.

  • (Hide details)2017

    • December 29, 2017 to January 3, 2018: New Year's in Tyrol


      Just like three years ago, I spent some days around New Year's in the snow. This time, I was invited by some (other) friends to the small village of Gnadenwald in Tyrol.

    • October 25 to October 30: A short trip to Italy and San Marino


      I took the opportunity of the extended weekend over the Austrian National Day (October 26) for a short trip to Bologna, San Marino, and Verona.

    • September 29 to October 9: Island Hopping in Greece


      In order to prolong the summer, I traveled to Greece, visiting both Santorini and (Western) Crete.

    • June 21 to June 24: Business trip to Belgium


      On rather short notice, I got the opportunity for a business trip to Belgium. I took this chance to also spend two extra days exploring Ghent und Brussels.

    • May 6 to June 2: Across the United States


      In spring 2017, seven years after my previous trip, I finally returned to the United States for another holiday. This time, I crossed the whole country by train: from New York via Chicago and Utah all the way to California.

    • April 2 to April 8: Business trip to Venice


      I spent the first week of April 2017 on a business trip in Venice: I attended the Connectathon 2017. As I extended my stay by a day, I also had the chance to see a bit of the city.

  • (Hide details)2016

    • October 9 to October 30: Highlights of China


      In autumn 2016, it was time to explore a region of which I did not know much about before: China. I spent three weeks there, exploring some of the most well-known sights of this country.

    • September 11 to September 13: Crossing the Hochschwab Plateau


      For two-and-a-half days, I accompanied a friend of mine, who is doing a multi-week trek on the Nordalpenweg through the Alps, across the Hochschwab plateau (from Seewiesen to Eisenerz).

    • May 27 to May 28: A short trip to Styria


      I spent two days in Styria over an extended weekend. There, I went hiking in Bärenschützklamm, and explored the Old Town of Graz.

    • January 28 to March 28: The Ruta Maya


      In Winter 2016, I got to know the culture of the Mayas (in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador). I also had some relaxing days on the beach, and went hiking in the Guatemaltecan highlands.

  • (Hide details)2015

    • September 12 to September 28: Hiking in the Caucasus


      As I really enjoyed my trip the year before, but did not manage to see "everything", I returned to the Caucasus region once more. This time, I focused mainly on Eastern Georgia: Kacheti and Tusheti.

    • July 3 to July 6: Out of the Frying Pan and Onto the Dachstein plateau


      While a heat wave was hitting Europe, I decided to spend an extended weekend in the mountains. So, I enjoyed three days of bright sunshine on Dachstein plateau at about 1,800 metres above sea level.

    • June 4 to June 6: Prague


      I visited Prague on another extended weekend, strolling through the streets of Old Town, over Charles Bridge, and up to Prague Castle. However, quite a few other people obviously had the same idea.

    • May 14 to May 17: In the Clouds at Wolfgangsee


      I spent an extended weekend in Salzkammergut – my first visit ever to this region! Unfortunately, the weather was not that good. So, I could not fully enjoy the gorgeous landscape in all its glory.

    • March 20 to April 11: Hiking in the Himalayas


      My first trip in 2015 took me to Nepal: I hiked to the Annapurna Base Camp (at an altitude of 4,130 metres), and explored Kathmandu valley for a week. On my way back, I made a stopover in Istanbul for two days.

  • (Hide details)2014

    • December 28, 2014 to January 3, 2015: New Year's in the Snow


      At the end of a year with lots of travels, I spent a couple of days in the Austrian Alps with some friends – with lots of snow.

    • September 26 to October 12: Mountains and Monasteries of the Caucasus


      Surprisingly enough, I managed to squeeze in another holiday in 2014: I spent to weeks exploring the Caucasus region (mostly Georgia, but also Armenia).

    • July 24 to August 13: Touring around Iceland


      In summer, a group of friend and me spent just under three weeks in Iceland. During our stay, we travelled around the whole island by rental car.

    • February 24 to March 3: Winter Vacation in the North


      For the first time in years, I went on a true winter vacation: I spent a week in the North of Scandinavia.

  • (Hide details)2013

    • September 3 to September 22: From City to Sea


      My vacation in Croatia was rather atypical for me. Apart from exploring some cities and national parks, I mainly spent my time relaxing on the beach. Pure indulgence!

    • January 28 to March 28: The Other Side of the World


      Thanks to two months of unpaid vacation, I escaped the European winter, and spent eight weeks in New Zealand.

  • (Hide details)2012

    • June 7 to July 1: The Baltics


      After being on my wish list for about three years already, I finally spent some three weeks in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (after a short stop-over in Poland on the way).

    • April 15 to April 22: Hiking in Andalusia


      It is almost unbelievable: Until this trip, I have never been to Spain! In spring 2012, I visited this popular destination for the first time – but not for each beach holiday, but rather a hiking trip.

  • (Hide details)2011

    • September 10 to September 17: Krakow and the High Tatras


      This year, my vacations are definitely dedicated to hiking. So, a visit to the High Tatras (with a short stay in Krakow before) seemed just about right.

    • July 15 to July 30: Hiking in Norway


      Finally I visited Norway again! I spent two weeks hiking in (Southern) Norway together with a fellow student – biking, hiking, and kayaking.

    • June 24 to June 26: Istria


      On very short notice, a group of friends an me went to Istria over the weekend on occassion of a stag party.

    • June 2 to June 13: Serbia & Montenegro


      As I really enjoyed my stay in Montenegro in the previous year, I returned for another visit (this time by train via Belgrade). This year, however, I rather focused on the mountains than the coast – but a visit to Kotor was a must as well.

  • (Hide details)2010

    • September 10 to September 19: Croatia & Montenegro


      As I travelled overseas a lot lately, it was again time for some holidays in Europe. So, I spent a week in Croatia and Montenegro. Especially the latter turned out to be a very beautiful country.

    • August 13 to August 15: Carinthia


      Five years after finishing my studies (and ten years after starting them), we (a group of fellow students and me) again went on a short holiday together. We spent a weekend at Urbansee in Carinthia.

    • May 8 to May 31: "Best of the West"


      After nine months in my new job, the next vacation was due. I visited the United States (again). This time, I focused on the West apart from California: Among others, I went Yellowstone, Utah and Arizona.

  • (Hide details)2008/09

    • September 25, 2008 to May 18, 2009: RTW Trip


      Between the end of September 2008 and mid-May 2009, I was away on my (so far) longest trip: I was travelling all around the globe!

  • (Hide details)2008

    • February 29 to March 2: London


      A friend from London invited me to a party on occasion of her 30th birthday. Of course, I took this opportunity to spend one weekend in the British capital city.

    • December 26, 2007 to January 25, 2008: Patagonia


      Originally, this holiday was already planned for (late) fall 2007. In the end, I was finally leaving at Christmas for South America, where I spent just under a month, mostly in Patagonia. It really was an extraordinary holiday!

  • (Hide details)2007

    • July 6 to July 7: Budapest


      Several years ago, I was invited to Budapest by two Hungarian friends for the first time. Finally, I really visited the Hungarian capital together with my friends, since went to see the musical "Vámpírok Bálja" ("Dance of the Vampires") there. However, both of them did not have much time to show me around during the day, so I had to explore the city on my own.

    • June 15 to June 29: Ireland


      Right after returning from the conference, I went on summer holiday. This year, I explored Ireland – partly aboard a tour of Vagabond Ireland, partly alone.

    • June 7 to June 13: Lago Maggiore


      From June 11 to June 12, the "Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference" (ASMC) was held in Stresa. Together with a colleague from the FH Steyr, I participated in this conference. Before, we were taking the opportunity to spend four days at Lago Maggiore.

    • March 9 to March 11: Obertauern


      A fellow colleague from work most kindly organized a skiing weekend in Obertauern. Therefore, I was able to go skiing for two days with five of my colleagues.

  • (Hide details)2006

    • September 16 to October 3: "Atlantic Maritimes"


      In the late summer, I explored the "Atlantic Maritimes" on a tour organized by the travel company Footloose. This tour took me to Acadia National Park, and to Nova Scotia (among others). After the tour, a short visit to New York City was also a must!

    • May 29 to May 31: Munich

      Right after my stay in Zürich, I attended a three-day seminar in Munich (as part of my job). Unfortunately, there was no time for sightseeing. However, I could again visit two friends I met in Canada the year before.

    • May 25 to May 28: Zürich


      I wanted to go to Zürich ever since a fellow student went there for a semester abroad. Unfortunately, he came back to Vienna for some months in 2006, so I had to go sightseeing on my own. However, I could still visit some friends I met during my stay in Canada the year before.

    • March 17 to March 19: Montafon


      On invitation of a fellow traveller of the tour through Canada the year before, I spent one weekend skiing in Montafon (Vorarlberg).

  • (Hide details)2005

    • October 22 to October 23: Frankfurt am Main


      When you are invited to a birthday party in Frankfurt, you just don't have any choice but flying to Frankfurt for some 24 hours – especially if you are able to meet your fellow travellers from the previous summer holiday.

    • September 12 to September 15: ASIM-Tagung in Erlangen

      Right after coming back from my summer holidays, I had to start working again, as I attended the "ASIM-Tagung" (a conference on modelling and simulation) in Erlangen, where I presented the results of my thesis.

    • August 3 to September 3: Western Canada


      Also in 2005, I had to go on a trip overseas – this time not with my father, but on a camping tour with a really nice group of twelve other young travellers from all over Europe (organized by Trek America).

    • July 23 to July 30: Crete


      Together with some of my fellow students, I celebrated my graduation – which I accomplished in mid-June – during a one week long holiday in Greece.

    • May 13 to May 29: Visiting some Fellow Students


      If several of your friends and fellow students spend a term abroad somewhere around Europe, you just have to take the opportunity and visit them – in Paris, London and Norway!

    • May 5 to May 12: Tuscany


      This year, there was again a seminar of ARGESIM in Tuscany, which I attended – this time as a diploma student. Despite the lectures, there was still enough time to enjoy this beautiful part of Italy.

    • January 6 to January 9: Hamburg


      For the first time, I have been on a city break in Germany: Together with two of my friends, I spent four days in Hamburg.

  • (Hide details)2004

    • September 3 to September 6: Kufstein


      I spent four days near Kufstein while visiting a friend of mine in Tyrol.

    • June 24 to July 26: Australia


      During a whole month, my father and I have seen a large part of the northeastern quarter of the continent – from the coast to Kakadu, from the reef to the Red Centre ...

    • May 7 to May 13: Tuscany


      In the course of a Spring School organised by ARGESIM, I spend a week on (working) holiday in Tuscany (Italy).

    • March 31 to April 15: New York and Boston


      During my easter holidays, I just had to visit New York again – I just missed the Big Apple too much! I also took the opportunity to visit Boston and its environs.

  • (Hide details)2003

    • September 1 to December 26: Auslandssemester in New York


      Spending four months in New York really gives you quite an insight into the Big Apple – whether concerning the wonderful museums, the parades, or Central Park ...

    • August 24 to August 31: One Week of Sightseeing in New York


      Downtown Manhattan, the Empire State Buidling, several museums – my father and me visited (apart from Central Park) all important sights in New York City.

    • August 6 to August 23: Touring California


      During our tour through California, my father and me visited (among others) Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley and even the Grand Canyon in Arizona.