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I travelled around the "Old Continent", Europe, already as a teenager: For example, I have been on numerous (beach) holidays in Greece, where I have also been sightseeing (at least during my late stays), as well as on several city breaks in Italy.

However, I discovered the real joy of travel quite late, namely in autumn 2003 during my Auslandssemester (study abroad) in New York City. Since then, I have travelled a lot, as you can also see on my Travel Plan and/or my Travel Statistics:

  • From 2003 to 2006, I visited the United States every year. In 2009 and 2010, I returned again for several weeks each.
  • In summer 2004, I spent one month in Australia.
  • A year later, I enjoyed a month-long holiday in Canada. I returned to this beautiful country in 2006, this time on a tour through the "Atlantic Maritimes" organized by the travel company Footloose.
  • In late 2008 and early 2008, I enjoyed my first holiday in South America: I spent just under a month in Argentina and Chile (mostly in Patagonia) on a Viventura tour. In spring 2018, I returned to South America, visiting Ecuador (including the Galapagos Islands).
  • Between late September 2008 and mid-May 2009, I departed again on a long trip. This time, it was indeed by a really long trip – a RTW trip! This brought me to New Zealand and Central America for the first time. Some four and seven years later, respectively, I returned to these regions for two more months each.
  • In autumn 2014 and autumn 2015, I managed to visit the Caucasus region for the first time.
  • Around Easter 2015, I made my first trip to South Asia – more precisely, to Nepal on a tour organized by Exodus.
  • In autumn 2016, a three-weeks-long trip to China took me to East Asia (for the second time, after a stay in Taiwan during my RTW trip).
  • In autumn 2018, I visited Sub-Saharan Africa for the first time (on a three-weeks long trip through South Africa and Lesotho). A year later, I returned to South Africa for another three weeks.
  • In spring 2019, I went on my first longer trip to Southeast Asia (after a short stopover in Singapore during my RTW trip).
  • At the same time, from 2003 until today, I have spent over half a year (on more than two dozen trips) travelling in Europe.
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NB: The European Flag as well as the flags of the Central American Integration System, the Union of South American Nations, the African Union, and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in the world map above should be understood to represent all countries of the respective (sub)continent, not only the members states of the respective association. Moreover, the historic flag of the Qing dynasty was chosen symbolically for the whole of East Asia, even though they never ruled the whole region.