Between September 25, 2008, and May 18, 2009, I was taking a RTW trip. The map below shows my route (flights in light blue, overland trips in red). More detailed reports are posted on my blog (for the first half of my trip only in German, then both in German and in English).

Route Map


  • September 25 to September 26: Departing on my big trip

    In early morning of September 25, my round-the-world trip finally started: I flew from Vienna via London and Singapore to Taiwan.

  • September 26 to October 14: Taiwan


    I spent over two weeks in Taiwan. For eleven days, I was exploring the country on my own. I spent the rest of my time together with a friend in (and around) Taipei.

  • October 14 to October 16: Singapore


    I have already changed planes twice in Singapore (during my trip to and from Australia in 2004). Now, I took the opportunity to explore the city a bit. At least I finally know that simply changing planes is no fault in the future.

  • October 17 to October 23: Sydney


    During my stay in Australia in summer 2004, I did not manage to get to Sydney. Therefore, I took my time to explore this city (and its surroundings) on this trip.

  • October 23 to November 4: Fiji


    When thinking of Fiji, untouched beaches with soft sand usually come to one's mind. I wanted to see for myself whether this picture is correct. Now I know: It is indeed!

  • November 4, 2008 to January 9, 2009: New Zealand


    In early november, I finally reached the main destination of my whole trip: New Zealand! Around this country, all my other travel plans were arranged.

  • January 8 to January 24: Cook Islands


    The international dateline is a strange thing indeed. Thanks to it, I experienced January 9, 2009, twice! After this confusing experience, I was able to relax for over two weeks on the beaches of the Cook Islands.

  • January 25 to February 1: L.A. & New York


    After that, I spent almost a week in the United States of America, organizing the rest of my trip.

  • February 1 to March 11: Nicaragua


    In Nicaragua, I spent three weeks learning Spanish (at the Laguna de Apoyo and in San Juan del Sur) and three weeks exploring the (surprisingly beautiful) country.

  • March 11 to April 27: Costa Rica & Panama


    I spent about six weeks in Costa Rica, and one week in Panama. Four of the six weeks in Costa Rica, I was working as a volunteer in some national parks.

  • April 27 to May 17: New York & Toronto


    In order to slowly get accustomed to life at home again, I visited New York, my "second home town" at the end of my trip. Moreover, I also spent a few days each in Toronto and Ottawa (Canada) at this occasion.