Between September 25, 2008, and May 18, 2009, I was taking a RTW trip. The map below shows my route (flights in light blue, overland trips in red). Beneath it, a list of my destinations can be found. Moreover, a list of confirmed position during my trip is available (please note that this list has a long loading time).

More detailed reports are posted on my blog (for the first half of my trip only in German, then both in German and in English).

Route Map


  • September 25 to September 26: Departing on my big trip

    In early morning of September 25, my round-the-world trip finally started: I flew from Vienna via London and Singapore to Taiwan.

  • September 26 to October 14: Taiwan


    I spent over two weeks in Taiwan. For eleven days, I was exploring the country on my own. I spent the rest of my time together with a friend in (and around) Taipei.

  • October 14 to October 16: Singapore


    I have already changed planes twice in Singapore (during my trip to and from Australia in 2004). Now, I took the opportunity to explore the city a bit. At least I finally know that simply changing planes is no fault in the future.

  • October 17 to October 23: Sydney


    During my stay in Australia in summer 2004, I did not manage to get to Sydney. Therefore, I took my time to explore this city (and its surroundings) on this trip.

  • October 23 to November 4: Fiji


    When thinking of Fiji, untouched beaches with soft sand usually come to one's mind. I wanted to see for myself whether this picture is correct. Now I know: It is indeed!

  • November 4, 2008 to January 9, 2009: New Zealand


    In early november, I finally reached the main destination of my whole trip: New Zealand! Around this country, all my other travel plans were arranged.

  • January 8 to January 24: Cook Islands


    The international dateline is a strange thing indeed. Thanks to it, I experienced January 9, 2009, twice! After this confusing experience, I was able to relax for over two weeks on the beaches of the Cook Islands.

  • January 25 to February 1: L.A. & New York


    After that, I spent almost a week in the United States, organizing the rest of my trip.

  • February 1 to March 11: Nicaragua


    In Nicaragua, I spent three weeks learning Spanish (at the Laguna de Apoyo and in San Juan del Sur) and three weeks exploring the (surprisingly beautiful) country.

  • March 11 to April 27: Costa Rica & Panama


    I spent about six weeks in Costa Rica, and one week in Panama. Four of the six weeks in Costa Rica, I was working as a volunteer in some national parks.

  • April 27 to May 17: New York & Toronto


    In order to slowly get accustomed to life at home again, I visited New York, my "second home town" at the end of my trip. Moreover, I also spent a few days each in Toronto and Ottawa (Canada) at this occasion.