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Even though I have visited all countries in Central America (at least for a short while), I cannot say that I truly know them all. During my RTW trip 2008/09, I spent three month in the Southern part of this region, namely in

  • Nicaragua (for learning Spanish),
  • Costa Rica (for doing some volunteering work), and
  • Panama (as a short side trip from Costa Rica).
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In winter 2016, I returned to the Northern part of this region for another two-months-long Central America trip, during which I visited the following countries:

  • Mexiko (for Mayan sites and cenotes in Chiapas and on Yucatán peninsula),
  • Belize (for snorkeling in the Caribbean),
  • Honduras (for a visit of the ruins of Copán),
  • El Salvador (for a short taste of the country), and
  • Guatemala (for some hiking in the Guatemalan highlands).