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I have been to Italy several times – the first visit at the tender age of elven month. However, I cannot really remember this stay in South Tyrol where my parents went hiking. Apart from another visit in early childhood (a swimming holiday at the Adriatic Sea), I have been sightseeing in Bella Italia several times since 1996, for example in Florence, Rome and Venice.

During my first stay at Whitsun 1996, I spent three days in Florence. During the summer holiday in the same year, I went on a day trip to Venice (starting from Carinthia, the southernmost state of Austria). In the following year, I took opportunity of the easter holidays in order to spend five days in the Eternal City, Rome.

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The next visit to Italy was in the year 2004, when I took part in the Spring School organised by the ARGESIM in Tuscany. In the year 2005, I took part in another ARGESIM seminar in Tuscany.

Two years later, I was sent to Italy again – this time, as a participant in the "Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference" (ASMC) in Stresa on the shores of Lago Maggiore. Together with a colleague from the FH Steyr, I took the opportunity to spend four days there on vacation.

In spring 2017, I went on a business trip to Italy once more. After participating in the Connectathon 2017 in Venice, I also spent a day exploring.

In the same year, I also went on a short trip to Northern Italy, visiting both Bologna and Verona. In early summer 2022, I spent about one and a half weeks hiking in South Tyrol.

I have decided to provide not only pictures taken during the latest stays in Italy, but also some of those taken as a teenager. They can be viewed in my photo album. However, some of these pictures have a quite low quality – I apologize. More recent pictures can be found in a separate blog photo album.

In my blog, I also write about my latest explorations in Italy.

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      Venice is – thanks to its Canali – one of the most renowned cities in the Veneto (if not the whole of Italy). However, this region also has other beautiful cities to offer, like Verona.

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      The region of Tuscany is in my opinion one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

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      Also the area around Lago Maggiore has a lot to offer.

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      Rome, die Eternal City, is both rich in history (due to the influence of the Ancient Romans), as well as of high importance nowadays (due to the Vatican City, being the centre of the Catholic Church).