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I have already spent several holidays of different length in the United Kingdom – for example, two days in London or three weeks in Scotland:

My first visit to the United Kingdom took place back in 1994. Together with my parents, I spent one week sightseeing in London.

Three years later, I attended a two week language course in England (in Hastings, to be exact). In the following year, I went to Scotland for another language course, this time lasting for three weeks.

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After a longer break of seven years (in May 2005), I returned to London for two days of sightseeing while travelling from Paris to Norway. Two more days each followed in early March 2008 and in early February 2018.

Some of the pictures taken during these latest trips are on display in a small photo album. Furthermore, I have included some selected pictures taken during my language courses in the UK, even though I am not always quite satisfied with their quality.

In May/June 2023, I spent three weeks on holiday in the United Kingdom, focusing on Scotland. However, I also spent some time in London and – for the first time – also in Northern Ireland. Some pictures from this stay are on display in a small photo album.