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All of Scandinavia (except the area around Billund, Denmark) was a dark horse to me for quite a long time. Actually, I never had the wish to travel high up north – too cold, too dreary for me, or so I thought. How I was mistaken!

Fortunately, two of my fellow students (one of them Christoph) spent one year studying abroad in Trondheim. They also published several pictures of the unique Norwegian landscape on their websites, which first stirred my curiosity. The following year, another of my fellow students spent a term abroad there, and at that time I finally came to the decision that I hat to visit her in order to explore Norway myself!

Thus, I spent ten days travelling through Norway in May 2005. My itinary started in Trondheim, where I spent two and a half days in the company of my fellow student (and some of here friends). After that, I travelled along the Hurtigrute (a mailboat open for tourists) along the Norwegian west coast to Bergen. From there, I finally went to Oslo.

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In July 2011, I finally came back to Norway (accompanied by the fellow student I visited some six years prior). This time, I stayed for two weeks, and visited the south of the country (Bergen, Sognefjord, Jotunheimen National Park, Stavanger, and the Lysefjord).

Now, after these two marvellous trips, I can say that Norway is really one of the most beautiful destinations which I have visited so far. Despite the high costs, it was worth every cent. If you would like to see yourself how beautiful this country is, you may have a look at my travel diary 2011 or my photo album. However, I have to stress that the pictures cannot fully capture the beauty of Norway – therefore, you should rather book a flight, and go there yourself!