Hiking above Los Gigantes

As I am spending some time working in Los Gigantes, I also wanted to go hiking in the area. However, this turned out to be not that easy, as a lot of hiking trails are closed due to the danger of rockfalls – which is maybe not too surprising if you consider the steep Los Gigantes cliffs. Still, I finally managed to find a nice, albeit rather short hike from Tamaimo down to Los Gigantes. Continue reading Hiking above Los Gigantes

A (work) week in Los Gigantes

After my vaction, it is time for teleworking again. This time, I am based in Los Gigantes on the (South) West coast of Tenerife. Compared to my first work week in Gran Canaria, I may have explored the area a bit less, and concentrated more on swimming in the sea – but that is nothing to complain about, especially in mid-November. Continue reading A (work) week in Los Gigantes

At 1000 meters on the Teno plateau

Originally, I wanted to have a relaxing day today. However, just after 9 a.m., as the sun was cresting the hills (and peaking through the clouds), I got antsy again. So, I went on the hike that I had originally planned for the next day. In the end, I was very happy that I did, because it was a gorgeous hike – and who knows how the weather will be on the next day? Continue reading At 1000 meters on the Teno plateau