"Awesome Adventures" in Fiji

The past nine days I spent on the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. The (backpacker) tourism on these islands is organized by a company called "Awesome Adventures". They could not have chosen a better name, as I indeed had a great time. Without doubt, Fiji was the highlight of my trip so far. Continue reading "Awesome Adventures" in Fiji


In less than twelve hours, I will depart on my round-the-world trip. Just a few hours before, I am already getting more and more excited (because I am really looking forward to this trip), but also a bit more anxious (because I will be spending so much time alone abroad). However, there is still so much to prepare and organize, so that there is hardly any time left for being nervous. Continue reading DON’T PANIC!?!

Just two more month …

In two months to the day, i.e. on September 25, 2008, I will depart for my longest and farthest trip – a true Round-the-World trip! I am planning to blog about my travels on these pages (however, quite possibly only in German). So, stay tuned for reading about my experiences in Taiwan, Singapore, Sydney, Fiji, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and maybe even Central America.

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A Weekend in London

On the past weekend, a friend from London celebrated her 30th birthday. Of course, I could not resist the temptation to fly to London for two days on this occasion. So, I also escaped the storm "Emma", as the weather in London was great: sunny, and only a bit of wind. However, on my flight back to Linz the storm took its toll, as we were redirected to Graz (after two unsuccessful attempts to land in Linz).

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