Drenched in Sweat

I do not know if I have ever sweated that much as during my stay on the Osa peninsula, espially during my two-day hiking trek in the Parque Nacional Corcovado. After having hiked half way on the second day, my (fast-drying) hiking shirt was drenched in sweat – and stinking as hell! Continue reading Drenched in Sweat

Turtles of the Caribbean

My second volunteer project was completely different than my previous one at Volcán Arenal. I have worked at the turtle project "Quelonios del Caribe", which means palm trees instead of rain forest, sandy beaches instead of lava fields, and (of course) turtles instead of a volcano. Continue reading Turtles of the Caribbean

Adventure Quad-ing

Now, my second week as a volunteer at Volcán Arenal has passed as well, which did not differ too much from my first week. However, I have not yet mentioned one small detail: our mode of transport between the ranger station and the park – which could be quite adventurous indeed. Continue reading Adventure Quad-ing