Hurray, some rain!

When I arrived in Boquete yesterday, I did not really encounter the "spring-like climate" that should be found here year-round. Rather, it felt more like summer to me. In the evening and at night, however, it cooled down considerably, and I even needed a thin blanket – how nice!


Hiking near the Continental Divide

Today, I hiked to the Continental Divide, even though it rained all morning. During the ascent, however, I was even glad to be able to enjoy rain again! Later, while descending, all my clothes were already quite wet, which diminished my pleasure a bit. Still, it was an enjoyable excursion.

The only question remaining, however, is whether I should continue on to Bocas del Toro as planned. The rain is coming from this direction, and not even I am glad about rain on the beach!

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