Pushing my luck – too much …

I was pushing my luck, and made the long trip to the Bocas del Toro. "Maybe it is only raining in the mountains, and not on the coast?" or so I was hoping – unfortunately in vain.


Drive over the Cordillera

The drive over the Cordillera was quite nice, even though the clouds dominated the views. Just as we arrived on the coast, it started to rain again. For this reason, I did not go out on a smaller island, but stayed in the main town Bocas del Toro. However, there you can only go partying or on a trip to an outer island. As snorkelling and/or lying on the beach is not that appealing to me in the rain, I left again after just one night, returning to Costa Rica.



At least I could attend a very interesting talk about sloths on the one evening I spent in town, and see a live sloth up close.

This blog entry is an abridged version of the original entry in German.

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