Adventure Quad-ing

Now, my second week as a volunteer at Volcán Arenal has passed as well, which did not differ too much from my first week. However, I have not yet mentioned one small detail: our mode of transport between the ranger station and the park – which could be quite adventurous indeed.

As the distance from the ranger station to the park entrance was about three kilometres (about two miles), we were taken be car from one place to the other. Sometimes, however, no car was available, and we used a quad. Our record is five people on a single quad!


Palm Fruit

By the way, on my second day off, I visited the "Puentes Colgantes" (hanging bridges), a nice nature reserve near the park.



Puentes Colgantes

Tomorrow, I will leave for a turtle project on the Caribbean coast – without any electricity, and therefore without internet access. Hence, do not expect a new update too soon.

This blog entry is an abridged version of the original entry in German.

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