Working on vacation?

I don’t really like to work on vacation. Nevertheless, I have to interrupt my vacation for three days of work  – or, more precisely, I will extend my vacation for a few more days after three days of work.

Originally, my vacation should already have ended yesterday. However, there will be a workshop in Kaprun over the next three days, and driving back and forth would have been pointless. Since I do not want to drive the long distance to Vienna after the workshop on Wednesday evening either, I took Thursdays and Fridays off as well. So my vacation is to be continued – if the weather cooperates…

Unfortunately no stroll

I would have liked to go on the "Pinzgauer Spaziergang" today. However, with six to six and a half hours of pure walking time, it sounded too stressful to me, as I only had about seven hours available (due to limited run times of the cablecars). So, I opted for a round trip over some mountains just above this "Pinzgauer Spaziergang" instead – and was not disappointed. Continue reading Unfortunately no stroll

Krimml Waterfalls

I already wanted to visit the Krimml Waterfalls during my trip through Austria last year. However, one and a half hours of driving each way was too much for me. So, I planned my route this year to include a visit. Therefore, on my way from Tyrol to Salzburg, I stopped over in Krimml today for a closer look at the (very impressive) waterfalls. Continue reading Krimml Waterfalls

Schlick is sick

Today, it was supposed to be once again quite warm and sunny (at least in the morning). Therefore, I decided to take another excursion to the montains above 2000 metres, this time in Stubai valley: I took the Gondola up to the Schlick 2000 sking area which boast some beautiful alpine hikes. All in all, I had a great day (even though I did not do the hike I originally intended to, because I missed the right turn). Continue reading Schlick is sick

All good lakes come in threes fives or sixes

On the way to my next accommodation, I took the scenic route today: I went via Neder valley and Sellrain valley instead of taking the highway through Inn valley. At Kühtai saddle, I went on a hike to three lakes (though I stretched it out to visit five, with a view of a sixth one). Continue reading All good lakes come in threes fives or sixes

Sticking to in Ötz valley

Originally, I had looked up hikes in (almost) all of Western Tyrol for my stay in Ötz valley. However, I liked the view from my accommation (see title image) too much. So, I decided to stick to Ötz valley itself. In the end, I spent three days hiking there: around Piburg Lake, at Stuibenfall, and at Hochoetz. Continue reading Sticking to in Ötz valley

The Silvretta High Fog Road

I seem to have bad luck with High Alpine Roads: I always end up in the clouds. Last year, it was like that (at least partly) on the Großglockner High Alpine Road. Today, I drove from Vorarlberg to Tyrol on the Silvretta High Alpine Road. Again, the low clouds prevented me from seing any mountain tops. Fortunately, I was a bit more lucky further down the Paznaun valley, in Galtür. Continue reading The Silvretta High Fog Road

Plan B in Bürs and Brand

Due to the bad weather, my initially planned hike to two summits near Bludenz was not really possible. Besides, I was not sure whether I had a third day with 1000 metres elevation gain in me. So, I tried to squeeze in two rather short hikes along the Alvier creek near Bürs: Bürs canyon and Kessel waterfall. Continue reading Plan B in Bürs and Brand