The caves of Škocjan county

Actually, I wanted go travel back North (and thus into the mountains) again today. According to the weather forecast, however, this could have been a rather wet day. So, I drove South instead. On the one hand the weather should be better there, and on the other hand one can go hiking below the surface, in karst caves.


Höhlen von Škocjan
(© Ramón, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

Slovenia is very rich in caves. I opted to visit the Škocjan caves. They have some drip stone formations. However, they are most famous for their underground river, which flows in a cave that is on average 100 meters high.

In some parts, the cave ceiling has collapsed, forming so-called collapsed dolines. After the tour through the cave, I could also explore these collapsed dolines, Velika Dolina and Mala Dolina, a bit.

This blog entry is an abridged version of the original entry in German.

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