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For me, the most prominent feature of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island were its non-existent mountains. However, even though the highest "peak" is only 459 feet above sea level, near the edge of a potato field, one can have a good time in the lowland as well: For example, you may go on a beach walk in Prince Edward Island National Park, or explore the nice little town of Charlottetown, the island's captial.

I explored both regions during my stay in the year 2006. If you would like to know more about these areas, I would like to invite you to have a look at my travel diary (in German), or at my photo album.

For visitors interested in literature, the story of "Anne of Green Gables" may be quite interesting as well. I myself, however, have not explored this issue more thoroughly – even though it is possibly the most prominent aspect of Prince Edward Island.