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I have not often been to Hungary, even though it is a neighbouring country to Austria, my home country:

  • In the mid-1990s, I went on a bike tour with my parents, which led us from Mörbisch (Burgenland) across the border to Sopron. However, we only spent a few hours there – mainly to have lunch.
  • In the year 2000, a friend and myself crossed into Western Hungary during our private "driving training" (having acquired our driver's licences just a few months before).
  • Finally, I made it to Budapest in July 2007. Actually, two Hungarian friends of mine wanted me to come to Budapest with them for years. Ironically, they did not have a lot of time during the weekend I spent there. Therefore, I explored the Hungarian capital mainly by myself.

A few pictures taken during this late trip are on display in a small photo album.