Travelling by bike

My past RTW trip was a "normal" one, meaning that I (mainly) travelled by plane around the globe. However, some people prefer to travel by other means of transport.

On my trip, I met some people travelling around a country or a certain region by bike. Personally, this way of travelling does not appeal to me – but I like reading about the adventures of others, and I am in awe of their determination and power:

  • The American David Byrne is currently travelling around the world by bike – for the second time (!) after his initial RTW trip in the 1970s.
  • The Vogel family is currently cycling on the Panamericana – all the way from Alaska to Argentina, together with their ten-year-old twins.
  • Tim & Cindie Travis are travelling around the world on their bikes since the end of March 2002 (!) – and, apparently, have no intention to return home just yet.
  • But there are far more "Long Distance Bikers" currently biking all over the world. Possibly, no list can ever be complete.

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