Travel Costs in New Zealand

New Zealand is a quite expensive country. All in all, my eight-weeks long stay did cost me some 6730,– Euros – less then expected/feared, but still quite a lot.

Type Expenses
Category Sub Category
Stay Accommodation 1 011,59 EUR
Food 1 090,60 EUR
Transport 1 040,23 EUR
Other 1 096,27 EUR
Flights Long-haul flight 1 287,29 EUR
Domestic flights (between North and South Islands) 262,88 EUR
Health Insurance 129,– EUR
Cancelation of stay in Dubai 145,42 EUR
Luxury Siberia Experience 197,03 EUR
Whanganui River Journey 416,31 EUR
Other International Driver's License 21,60 EUR
Neck cushion 9,51 EUR
Transit Dubai (Food) 23,89 EUR
Total 6 731,62 EUR

This results in average daily expenses of 75,69 EUR. Compared to last time (with a daily average of 52,43 EUR), this seems to be quite excessive. However, the exchange rate was quite different: Four years ago, one Euro was worth 2,36 NZD (on average), whereas this time, it was worth only 1,57 NZD – a huge difference! Therefore, the whole picture changes when looking at the daily expenses in New Zealand Dollars:

Year Daily Expenses
Acccommodation Food Transport Other Total
2008/09 29,14 NZD 14,65 NZD 28,92 NZD 65,89 NZD 123,96 NZD
2013 27,99 NZD 30,54 NZD 28,64 NZD 30,27 NZD 117,44 NZD

So, I even spent less this year compared to my last stay! Only for food, my expenses increased considerably. This is mainly due to the fact that I needed to buy special products (free from wheat, cow's milk, soy, etc.), which are extremely expensive. Moreover, this time, I did not always choose the cheapest product, but also bought e.g. (more expensive) organic food.

The main difference, however, is in the activities I did: This year, I mainly went hiking (which is, apart from transport to/from the trail heads, basically free). Last time, I also did quite a few tours. For these, the costs did add up quite quickly.

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