The times, they are a-changin’

Almost two and a half months after my RTW trip, I am returning to "normal" life again: I am starting a new job, and moving into my own new apartment.

My new apartment will keep me busy for quite some time, I am afraid – even though I have managed quite a lot in the last six days since I got the keys (thanks to quite a few helpful hands): I carried all my furniture, kitchenware and books into my apartment (on the third floor, without any elevator!), and I assembled the furniture (which was disassemble while I was away). Hopefully, I will be able to move in within the next month or so.

The reason for not being able to move in any sooner is my new full-time job, starting next Monday (August 3, 2009). I will work as a software developer at Agfa Healthcare, and will be part of the development team for a PACS software.

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