Europe’s Least Interesting Capital

My guide book does not really promote the Montenegrin capital very well. However, as I passed through for the third time, I decided it was time for a short stroll through the city. So, I spent just over two hours exploring Podgorica.

By now, I know why my guide book was not that enthusiastic about the city. It has indeed only little to offer. Directly behind the (nicely renovated) Trg Republike, for example, you can find decades old builds in disrepair (see picture to the left).


Old Turkish Bridge

At the same time, there are several places where you can see that the city would indeed have potential. Sadly, however, these places are evidently not made use of (except for depositing trash).




Dvor Petrovica


Sahat kula

The best way of describing the city is probably the statement made by an English couple I met just shortly afterwards. They are currently living in Podgorica, and when asked about the advantages of Podgorica, the succinct response was:

There is a cinema.

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