Halloween in Vienna

This year, I spent Halloween evening in the Prater. As this event is gaining popularity also in Austria, the celebrations there did attract quite a few Viennese.


Halloween Parade

Already in the early evening, you could see people in customes. At six o’clock, even an "offical" parade was held. Of course, this parade cannot compare in size with the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York – it is rather of the size "Blink and you might miss it". Still, it was lovingly arranged. I especially enjoyed the stony-faced "Black Empress" in her black carriage with her servants wearing white plaited wigs.

After the parade, there was an hour-long break, unfortunately – but I guess they also want the guests to take some rides, for example in the haunted houses. Finally, however, there was a small show during which the "Black Empress" lighted the "Burning Calafati" (to the applause and cheers of the spectators). All in all, it was an evening full of atmosphere.


Hotel Psycho


Burning Calafati

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