The highlights of eight weeks in Central America

Three weeks after my return from my two-months-long trip through Central America, I would like to look back on the highlights of my trip.

It was not easy to compile a list of the best attractions, as the region is really diverse. Its attractions are all very different (and hence difficult to compare). Still, the following experiences are my personal Top 8 – I would not want to miss any of them:


Coral Garden (Belize Barrier Reef)


Fuego and Acatenango (Guatemala)


Easter procession in Antigua (Guatemala)

  1. The absolute highlight of my stay was the Caribbean coast of Belize: Both the snorkel tour from Caye Caulker as well as the sailboat trip were truly unforgettable experiences.
  2. Climbing Acatenango and enjoying the view from its summit to the neighbouring (active) Fuego volcano was equally amazing.
  3. The last spot on the podium goes to Semana Santa in Antigua. The Easter celebrations were indeed special, and a fitting end to a great trip.
  4. I was also very impressed by the numerous Mayan sites – in particularTikal.
  5. In Semuc Champey, everything was perfect: a spectacular nature site amidst beautiful surroundings, combined with a very comfortable stay at a charming hostel – you could not wish for more!
  6. The Mayan artefacts and also (or even particularly?) the stunning stone formations in Actun Tunichil Muknal were another highlight in Belize.
  7. But gorgeous caves cannot only be found in Belize: The cenotes in Mexiko (both the ones around Valladolid as well as Dos Ojos near Tulum) were also a stunning experience.
  8. Finally, the hike from Xela to Lake Atitlán was quite strenuous, but gave a good impressive of the beautiful Guatemalan highlands.

Even though not a lot of Mexican places feature in this list, I still enjoyed my time there. For me, the Mayan sites were a big draw:

  1. My favourite site, Tikal, is in Guatemala, though. The huge temples sticking out of the jungle (and the smaller ones that are actually hidden beneath it) are simply spectacular.
  2. In Mexico, I enjoyed Palenque very much. It is also located amidst the (Mexican) jungle, and offers the possibility to climb almost every building, while the number of tourists is (relatively) low.
  3. The ruins of Uxmal with their Great Pyramid and the numerous impressive reliefs on the buildings are also one of my favourites.

All in all, I had a great time in Central America – it is really worth a visit!

This blog entry is an abridged version of the original entry in German.

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