Stand-up paddling below Traunstein

My next vacation starts like the last one has ended: at the foot of Traunstein mountain – only this time, I was not hiking, I was stand-up paddling.

Originally, I wanted to go hiking again. Unfortunately, I could not find any parking spot at the start of the hike. However, on the way there, I did spot some free parking spots next to the shore of Traunsee, where some stand-up paddlers were just about to inflate their board. Therefore, I changed my plans, and also brought out my(*) stand-up paddle board.

So, I have spent a good hour paddling on Traunsee, enjoying the views of Gmunden, Grünberg and Traunstein.





(*) Actually, I only own about 65 percent of the board, as I have bought it together with a friend. Still, let us not be pedantic here.

2 thoughts on “Stand-up paddling below Traunstein”

  1. Da wären wir uns ja wirklich glatt über den Weg gelaufen bzw., paddelnd am See, begegnet! Wir haben nämlich einen Tag später mit unseren zwei Kajaks eine kleine Runde am Traunsee gedreht. 😀

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