In less than twelve hours, I will depart on my round-the-world trip. Just a few hours before, I am already getting more and more excited (because I am really looking forward to this trip), but also a bit more anxious (because I will be spending so much time alone abroad). However, there is still so much to prepare and organize, so that there is hardly any time left for being nervous.

Yesterday and today, I was busy for most of the day:

  • During the last week, I have been meeting some friends to say goodbye more or less constantly – I just did not feel like organizing a large farewell party.
  • For the first destinations of my trip, I have already been looking for places to stay. I have even booked some hostels already, as I am not too flexible during the first few weeks anyway, and currently, I still have time for searching the internet (well, a bit, at least).
  • I have done some last minute shopping, e.g. something to read for the long flights right at the beginning of my trip, and some ear plugs for enduring the loud snorers in the youth hostels a bit better.
  • Both my backpacks are finally packed, and the large one is even checked in already – I am very happy about the possibility to check in on the evening before my flight!
  • And as if that wasn't enough, I also took part in a survey of Statistik Austria, for which I was randomly selected (together with 4999 other Austrians).

In other words, I am busy enough not to worry about anything that might go wrong on my trip. Should, however, some doubts arise, I always have the farewell present of my former colleagues to comfort me: a towel! Thanks to Douglas Adams, we all know that you will be alright on your travels, as long as you always know where your towel is! Moreover, it will constantly remind me of the words that are printed in large friendly letters on the cover of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy":


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