Flashmob "Water Fight on Stephansplatz"


Today, I participated in a flashmob for the first time. We met for a water fight on Stephansplatz, in the centre of Vienna.

The name "flashmob" might be a bit out of place for this event, though: Even before the start, you could see lots of people standing around with water pistols, a crew of KroneTV was interviewing some potential participants with microphone and camera, some others were performing a show fight with their water pistols for a journalist (or a private photographer?), and one group even showed up with three shopping carts (!) full of water bombs – that is not what I call inconspicuous and (seemingly) spontaneous!

Compared to that, I must have been really inconspicuous with my 13 water bombs in my shoulder bag – but also much less effective in getting people wet. However, the crowd made sure that I myself got soaked to the skin within seconds. With the temperature being well above 30° C, this was the ideal way to cool down, and really great fun.

For obvious reasons, I did not have my camera with me. Of course, you can rely on Youtube, though: The first videos of the water fight are already online.

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