Travelling on Foot

Last year, I blogged about travelling by bike around the world. Some people even take it one step (or should I say: millions upon millions of steps?) further: They are travelling around the world on foot.

For almost ten years (!), for example, Jean Béliveau is walking around the world. His motto for the walk is the "International Decade for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World", which was proclaimed by the United Nations to last from 2001 until 2010. He is travelling alone, with nothing more than a tree-wheeled stroller for all his possessions.

Some others are not necessarily walking to promote a certain goal, but are rather seeking the challenge of walking such an enormous distance. However, some of them might overdo it a bit with highlighting their heroic achievements on their websites. Still, it is indisputable that walking around the world is a great feat indeed:

  • In 1998, a Brit (formerly a soldier in the British army) started his "Odyssey XXI". He wanted to walk from Punta Arenas (in the South of Chile) back home to Great Britain. However, due to financial problems, he had to abort his trip in May 2008 somewhere in Russia. Currently, he is living in Mexico, and looking for new sponsors to continue his adventure.
  • An American who calls himself "Hawk" started his "Walk of the Hawk" back in 1992 (!) – when he was already 65 years old! Recently, his age (he is now already 82) seems to have caught up with him, unfortunately, and he had to take the bus from Nicaragua back to the United States in order to be treated in a hospital at home.

The most impressive trip for me, however, was "The Longest Way" undertaken by the German Christoph Rehage. In November 2007, he set off from Beijing in order to return to Germany on foot. Unfortunately, he decided to stop walking one year later (having crossed most of China from East to West). Still, I really enjoyed reading his blog during that year. When reading his blog, I had the feeling that all his experiences really have enriched his life. After returning home, he compiled a great video of his trip: The Longest Way 1.0.

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