Dancing Around the World

After blogging about the long distance bikers and walkers, I would like to draw your attention to a single traveller, who became famous for his dancing while on his RTW trip: Matt Harding.

His first video shows him dancing (in a somewhat peculiar way) in front of famous places around the world. This video was made on his RTW trip on which he embarked after quiting his job in Australia. As this video was very successful on YouTube, a chewing gum company approached him with the suggestion to make another one (with them as a sponsor).

So, in 2006 he created a second video that shows him dancing on all seven continents. Of course, it is disputable whether visiting 39 countries in just six months leaves much time for actual travelling. Still, the video was a huge success (with more than 15 million views on YouTube).

But Matt's adventures did not end there: In 2007/08, he went on a series of month long trips (with breaks in between) to compile a third video. This time, his fans were invited to join Matt in dancing, and they have done so quite enthusiastically.

A short while ago, Matt departed on yet another trip. This time, he is actually learning how to dance. More specifically, he would like to learn difference dance styles all over the world, and teach them to his fellow dancers. So, once again the question is: Where the hell is Matt?

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