Transdanubia from Donauturm

After our first unsuccessful try to visit Donauturm, we were much smarter today: We rode our bikes to the tower, thus avoiding any parking problems. So, after some 20 years, I finally managed to visit Donauturm again.



The view was still as good as I remembered it. The autumn colors of the trees in Donaupark and along Alte Donau made the view especially spectacular. The only drawback was the quite strong (and rather chilly) wind that made us stay only a short while on the open-air terrace some 150 metres above the ground. Fortunately, there is also a (revolving) café some ten metres above the terrace. From there, we could enjoy the view in all directions while sipping coffee (or tea) and eating some cake (or ice cream).



Donaupark, UNO-City and Donaucity

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